Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Hope You're Not Bored With Dragons...

Hi, there!

Just a quick post to show some more of the work I've been doing during my lunches.

I'll have some stuff other than the Moonlit Dragon to show you soon; right now, the stuff I'm working on at home is for other people, so I don't feel quite right posting it here yet.

Again, I only get about fifteen minutes at a time, but I love where this thing is taking me. I honestly have no idea where it's going...everything about it is strictly spontaneous. A couple of things on here have even come out of mistakes I've made when another teacher or a student jostles the table; rather than erase, I'm trying to work stray pencil marks in.


I hope you enjoy, and I'll definitely have some other stuff to show you soon.



  1. Wow, Brad. Incredible. This may sound weird, but it's cool for me to think that this was once just a blank sheet of paper, and now look at it. IT LIVES! It's awesome how you can turn "mistakes" into "meant to be's" :D

  2. Brad, I'm so impressed with your work and I have an idea for you. We need to talk. :-)

  3. Kelly--thanks! I'm really enjoying the "organic" kinda spontaneous flow that's coming out of it. I think it's turning out more interesting that way than if I were planning it out.

    Deby--Thank you as well, and I'm all ears for your idea. My email is in my profile here or over at 48 Days; I'd love to hear what you're thinking.