Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Offerings, Number Eleven...

Welcome back to Second Star to the Right, where I have another Halloween goodie to offer up...

I love comic books. Always have, always will.

One of the favorites of my youth was Swamp Thing. While not strictly Halloween related, the original series in the mid-70's was a fantastic example of gothic horror comics done right. The best of the series renders it creepy enough, in my opinion, to warrant inclusion in the category of Halloween art.

I've haven't checked out any of DC's recent universe-wide revamp, but I hear that a new Swamp Thing series is planned, so I'll probably pay another visit to the monster-infested swamps that fired up my imagination so long ago...



  1. Very nice. The loopy pencil work really implies the fibrous nature of Swampy. This is a good solid piece. Not really creepy, as you said, but definitely moody. Fits well into the theme.

  2. Cool art, m'man..
    I love the character myself..
    cheers, A.