Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Offerings, Number Five...

Thanks for joining me for number five in my Halloween Offerings! I appreciate everyone who's commented so far, and for those who haven't, I still appreciate you taking a look!

The 1931 James Whale Frankenstein stands as my favorite monster movie of all time. I discovered this film in my childhood through late-night monster-fests like Memories of Monsters, and I fell in love with it on first viewing. While not what we'd consider "scary" (not by today's standard, at any rate) Whale's moody and atmospheric direction, along with Jack Pierce's incredible make-up and prosthetic designs, and especially Boris Karloff's nothing-short-of-brilliant performance set the standard and made this movie unforgettable, while making Karloff's face an iconic image.

I soon sought out the book, and despite the differences, it has become my all-time favorite novel. I re-read it periodically, and it remains as crisp and thrilling (and full of gothic melodrama) as it was when I first read it in my childhood.

That being said, it's Karloff's Frankenstein Monster that visits us here:

I had originally planned on including something dramatic, such as bolts of lightning, in the space to the left, but this picture told me when it was finished, and I'm glad I listened.

Also, I'd never tried working with oil pastels before this pic, but after playing around with them, I can't imagine why. I'm hooked.

Thanks again for joining me today, and I hope you'll check back on Tuesday!



  1. My favorite of what you've done so far. The medium suits your style. You should think about doing a series of MGM monsters in this style.

  2. Thanks, Jim! I probably will do a series of monster portraits; turns out I really enjoy working with the pastels, and I love the results.

  3. Hey Brad, love the movement on this. Definitely captures that dark, but near innocent feel of the Frankenstein Monster I remember. Excellent job!

  4. Thanks, Eddie! The innocence you mention is one of the reasons he's my favorite monster...even as a child, I picked up on that, just as Karloff intended when he first performed this role...

  5. Looking good, Brad. #5 is really striking in its scary simplicity. You were right. When nothing you do can further improve it, it's done.

  6. Well done. You've adapted well to the oil pastels.

  7. Thanks, Rob. I've discovered that I really enjoy the medium, plus it was fun to try something I'd never used before.
    Lew, thanks for checking this out. It means a great deal to me that you took the time to look at it!

  8. Brad, this is really really great! I love it. :D

  9. Love how he just seems to be walking out of the darkness and being struck by the light. Excellent use of chiaroscuro to evoke the proper mood. :-D (besides, I'll take any excuse to use the word chiaroscuro.) ;-)